Watch Me Fall

A home-made stunt show

Drawing on footage of Evel Knievel jumps, interviews with Niagara Falls daredevils and transcripts from Chuck Yeager’s supersonic flights, Watch Me Fall questions our obsession with those who attempt the impossible, the futility of their attempts and their inevitable fall from grace.

Set on a ‘runway’ for a standing audience, Watch Me Fall uses home-made stunts to ask questions about what we cheer for and why. As the audience clap and shout for the performers to go further, higher and faster, Watch Me Fall examines the nature of risk and the complicity of the audience in increasingly violent and questionable acts in the name of entertainment.

The visual language of the performance is taken from Mexican wrestling matches, drag races, 100,000 seater stadiums, human cannonballs and daredevil stunts. We tell our audience that we’re going over in a barrel, hitting the ramp at 90mph and clearing 10 double-decker buses, and that we’re not stopping until every last sonofabitch in the place is cheering us on.

Watch Me Fall was performed in the British Council’s 2011 Edinburgh showcase, and has toured throughout the UK and Europe and to North America, China and Australia.

An Arnolfini We Live Here commission, development at Residence, Shunt, Forest Fringe and University of Chichester. Development and UK tour funded by Arts Council England.