Beacons Of Love


This Valentine’s Day, Action Hero are inviting 150 people to send themselves (or a loved one) a free digital ‘beacon’ which will play 24 hours of love songs, gathered from across Europe and transmitted to GPS coordinates anywhere in the UK.


You might not be together with loved ones on Valentine’s Day this year. But, you can still make a date to tune into love under lockdown. You are invited to experience a digital audio artwork for your ears only: a chorus of love songs transmitted directly to a location of your choice in the UK.

On 14th February, Action Hero are bringing their international audio project Oh Europa directly to you, via the free Oh Europa app. Since 2018, they’ve been travelling in their van recording love songs, sung by ordinary people across Europe. It’s an archive of over 1000 songs in 46 different languages, sung by people aged 1 to 100.

You can listen to the songs on your daily exercise route, in your garden or even on your sofa via a location-specific audio hotspot which will broadcast voices singing with sentiments of love, heartbreak and longing. Your location, your choice!

Tickets are free and will be available on Eventbrite. When you register, you’ll need to tell us the GPS co-ordinates of the location you’d like to listen from (you can get help finding co-ordinates with this video). Your personal audio hotspot will be activated to begin its broadcast on Valentine’s Day, and will beam love songs directly to you for one day only. Beacons Of Love is accessible on apple or android mobile devices via the Oh Europa app.

This Valentine’s Day, love will travel across the airwaves to provide solace, comfort and a beacon of hope in dark times.

Listen to Gemma from Action Hero talking with Lauren Laverne on 6 music about the project by clicking here


Beacons of Love is part of our ongoing Oh Europa project. Since 2018, we’ve been travelling through Europe in our campervan, asking strangers to sing us love songs. The love songs we’ve collected have been broadcasting 24/7 from 42 permanent digital audio hotspots across the length and breadth of the Europe. They will continue to broadcast forever. These permanent audio ‘beacons’ sit on Europe’s borders and edge spaces. The love songs are playing in places where geographical, political, historical, psychological, natural or philosophical borders exist; at the thresholds of a continent, in places of convergence and separation, where rivers meet or where wars were fought. We travelled from North to South, East to West across an entire continent to find these locations, meeting people along the way and asking them to sing for us. There are 3 permanent beacons in the UK. All the beacons are accessible via the free Oh Europa app which navigates listeners to the beacon nearest them, and tunes in to the broadcast when they arrive.

Oh Europa comprises of several works, including a travelling recording studio on wheels inside the artists campervan, an 8-hour-long performance called RadiOh Europa, and a micro-installation and accompanying book, Postcards From The Edge. For more info, visit