Slap Talk

A six-hour long argument to camera.

Speaking to each other and to the audience via a live feed from a camera to a monitor, the performers rant, insult and threaten each other in a scripted version of a pre-fight press conference crossed with a 24 hour rolling news channel.

Inspired by the self-aggrandising of boxers at the pre-fight weigh in, Slap Talk is a verbal sparring match that is both a linguistic version of the fight itself and a reflection upon the violence present in everyday language.

Over 6 hours, an autocue scrolls a continuous barrage of passive aggressive violence of lovers talking, the hard sell of a shopping channel, the anger of the fire and brimstone preacher, the subtle violence of middle class one-upmanship. The audience are free to enter and leave at any time during the performance.

Slap Talk has been performed at Sick! festival (GB), Fierce festival (GB), Caravan international showcase (GB), Maison Folie (BE), Culturgest (PT), Bios (GR), Nuit Blanche (BE) and Arts House (AU) amongst others

Developed with the support of Caravan, BIOS, Athens and Theatre Bristol. It emerged from an idea that began in The Darkroom, China Plate’s development space for writing and performance.

Click here to read ‘The Violence of Language: Slap Talk, Text and Durational Dramaturgy’ by Catherine Love