one-offs and spin-offs

One-off projects and commissions

We’ve made a few one-off projects for specific contexts that have fed into our practice.

Noise Karaoke was a night of interactive loudness and haze as part of Wunderbar festival in 2011.

Smoke and Lights was a one on one performance in a box full of dry ice shown as part of the infamous Live Art Speed Date and then developed for Supersonic festival in Birmingham in 2010 as part of the development of Frontman.

Live Art Tattoo Parlour was a temporary tattoo parlour using permanent markers. We drew declarations of love and devotion on people at the ICA in London and The Cube Gallery in Bristol and 21st century Museum in Kanazawa Japan amongst others.

Between 2006 and 2008 we also made a number of “early stages” work. We made To My Island on a roundabout for Liverpool Live and Hazard festival in Manchester,¬†History¬†for Chelsea Theatre’s Sacred season and How to Disappear at BAC.