Oh Europa

a 30,000 km long journey collecting love songs

Oh Europa is a collection of works that spans a continent and seeks to re-imagine the ways we in which we think about Europe and how we continue to share this space together.

In 2018, Action Hero moved out of their house and into a motorhome. Over 6 months, they drove 32,000km and visited 33 European countries. Along the way, they asked the people they met to sing them a love song.

To date, Action Hero have activated a network of 42 beacons to broadcast these love songs, positioned on borders and edge-spaces across the continent. An epic song cycle broadcasting loud and clear from the thresholds of Europe, every new love song collected is added to the beacons, transmitting 24/7 and audible to anyone who visits and tunes in.

RadiOh Europa is a 20 hour performance and act of collective listening where Action Hero play every single love song they’ve collected. Its a deep-listening party; a vast pan-European broadcast of voices from across the continent singing about love, desire, heartbreak, hope and longing. RadiOh Europa is premiering at Transform International festival in Leeds 3rd-4th May.


Research and Development for this project was funded by Arts Council England

Co-produced with Farnham Maltings (UK). Co-commissioned by Transform (UK), Matchbox (DE) and Farnham Maltings (UK). Supported by Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio (UK), Vooruit (BE), and British Council. Action Hero are a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.
Photo credit: Paul Blakemore