Oh Europa

a journey across a continent in a motorhome

About 2 years ago we had an idea. What if we bought a motorhome and set off together through Europe, living and working in the motorhome, developing a new piece of work as we go? Travelling continously for months with no final destination, a kind of slow touring/making/living experiment.

At about the same time we had this idea, Britain started talking in earnest about leaving the EU. As British artists whose work travels throughout the world, who identify as Europeans as much as we do Brits the idea of breaking from that union scared us, and scares us still. We started to think about the journey in relation to Europe, the EU and its borders, and the parallel journeys being taken into Europe by people fleeing war and conflict.

The motorhome would be our temporary home, our mobile site for performance and process, in which we would ask questions about commonality and shared belonging, our ability to move freely engaged in a creative pursuit, with a romantic notion of the long and winding road now problematised by the nationalist rhetoric of our politicians, the aggressive austerity imposed on Greece and the closing of borders to Syrians and victims of displacement from wars carried out in our name. Now our journey started to look like something else. An arena in which some of these complex ideas might collide, interact, upset each other or fall in love. An inbetween space. The mobile home as a site for interrogating what kind of space it is we want to be part of. What kind of place we want to call home

We are going to drive through all 28 member states of the EU and to the Northern, Eastern, Western and Eastern extremities of the continent.

The RV (recreational vehicle) is our mobile home, our artist studio, our performance space, our laboratory, our life and our work.

We’re working with Farnham Maltings (UK), Vooruit (BE), Cabanyal Intim (ES), Pro Progressione (HU) and Matchbox (DE) to make this all happen and we’re setting off on our 6 month long journey in April 2018.¬† Do get in touch if you’d like to host us on our trip.

Research and Development for this project funded by Arts Council England

read about and see photos from our research trip  here