Oh Europa

a 30,000 km long journey collecting love songs

Oh Europa is a 6 month journey across Europe in 2018. On our way we’ll be recording songs in our motorhome, sung by people we meet, about love and loss – to be carried with us, then broadcast from disparate locations across the continent. An evolving library of voices singing with sentiments of love, hope, union, heartbreak, loss and longing.

We are going to drive over 30,000 km through all 28 member states of the EU and to the Northern, Eastern, Western and Eastern extremities of the continent.

Like geological surveyors or (art)venturers on expedition we’ll collect and carry samples and find locations to transmit them from. Our motorhome becomes an ‘All Terrain Vehicle’. A vehicle to explore all the terrains of Europe – psychological, emotional and physical. An intrepid task to build hopeful and melancholic connections between discordant landscapes and diverse voices.

We hope that the voices of the participants in the project and the planting of these beacons might create an alternative atlas of Europe. That atlas will then become the blueprint for a performance- Returning to places we’ve visited on the way we’ll re-render, re-enact and re-imagine the songs we’ve heard on the way. Using our motorhome as a site for performance, we will present the relational topography of a continent, a dynamic atlas of Europe, that might let us understand the space we share in a new light. The fragments of song and the sounds/sights/sites we discover on the way will feed into this performance. A dispatch from the edgelands of Europe. A re-orientation exercise. A songbook. A greatest hits album.

We’re working with Pervasive Media Studio (UK), Transform (UK), Farnham Maltings (UK), Vooruit (BE), Pro Progressione (HU) and Matchbox (DE) to make this all happen. We’re setting off on our 6 month long journey in April 2018.  Do get in touch if you’d like to work with us and/or host us on our trip.

Research and Development for this project was funded by Arts Council England

read about and see photos from our research trip  here