Natural Selection

What it means to survive

Natural Selection is a project in collaboration with Wunderbar and James’ brother Rob. Together, Jim and Rob – brothers from Northumberland – walked from Newcastle to Kielder Forest via the house they grew up in.

audiences were invited to trace the journey via an online map and watch/listen to conversations recorded as they walk. When they reached Kielder (where Rob would often camp wild in the forest when living in Northumberland) they set up camp together with their audience. Around a campfire Rob showed some of the survival equipment he owns and Jim and Rob talked about what it means to survive – in the woods and in the world, and which is harder.

Since he was young Rob has collected camping and survival equipment. Growing up together in a remote house in Northumberland without mains water, gas or electricity, Rob and Jim had an interesting relationship with survival and living at home often felt like camping.

An initial sketch of this project was presented at Up To Nature in 2012