A controlled demolition

Using the borrowed ramblings of iconic frontmen, and performed with live analogue sound, Frontman is part-gig, part-performance for a standing audience who like it very, very loud.

Poised on the edge of catastrophe, Frontman is a raucous reproduction of the all the best gigs you never saw- a comeback gig for a star you never heard of. The ghost of Elvis/Dolly/Kurt/Iggy is channeled by a girl in sequins as she tries to play the Frontman, whilst a techie in rabbit ears refuses to watch the show. Frontman is defiant, brazen, tragicomic performance, complete with dry-ice, lip syncs and extreme noise.

Frontman toured the UK between 2010 and 2012.

Click here to buy Action Plans: Selected Performance Pieces including text from Frontman

Frontman was co-commissioned by Fierce festival 2011 and Inbetween Time Productions. Supported by Forest Fringe and Residence. The UK tour was funded by Arts Council England. Sound support by Alex Bradley.