Frontman was the third piece in an unintentional trilogy of work, following A Western and Watch Me Fall, about icons and the iconography of masculinity.

Devised by the company using the borrowed ramblings of iconic frontmen, and performed with live analogue sound, Frontman is part-gig, part-performance for a standing audience who like it very, very loud.

Poised on the edge of catastrophe, Frontman is a raucous reproduction of the all the best gigs you never saw- a comeback gig for a star you never heard of. The ghost of Elvis/Dolly/Kurt/Iggy is channeled by a girl in sequins as she tries to play the Frontman, whilst a techie in rabbit ears refuses to watch the show. Frontman is defiant, brazen, tragicomic performance, complete with dry-ice, lip syncs and extreme noise.

Frontman toured the UK between 2010 and 2012.

Frontman was co-commissioned by Fierce festival 2011 and Inbetween Time Productions. Supported by Forest Fringe and Residence. The UK tour was supported by Arts Council England. Sound support by Alex Bradley.