Extraordinary Rendition

A battle for hearts and minds

Extraordinary Rendition is a multimedia installation for one person at a time.

In a temporary cabin built from the same materials used to construct temporary prisons used by the American military, in which many of the ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques were practiced, the experience is an intentional loss of agency and an unsettling journey through the landscapes of the military entertainment complex, in which the performance space is the interior architecture of the spectator’s mind.

Text drawn from pop songs used for torture, war films and air traffic communication appears on three screens, implanting images, which we are unable to distinguish as real or fake. This colonisation of the inner psyche mirrors the military processes which attempt to win wars through supposedly non-violent means and brings to light how much the military experience pervades the apparently banal arena of popular culture and by extension, our safe, protected, Western existence.

Extraordinary Rendition is an In Between Time commission and production, co-commissioned by Arnolfini, supported by LICA, University of Chichester and Theatre Bristol. Funded by Arts Council England.

Click here to read some notes from the process

Click here to read some text from our notebook that didn’t make it into the final piece