Future Perfect

new byelaws for city spaces

Created in collaboration with Canadian visual art duo Mia & Eric, Future Perfect: New byelaws for city spaces is a hopeful, positive act of re-configuration. Byelaws that regulate behaviours in civic spaces are cut up word-by-word and meticulously rearranged into a new set of rules for a transitioning world.

From this new poetic script, selected phrases are enlarged and re-inserted back into the architecture of the cityscape on hoardings and giant billboards, acting as playful instructions, permissions or manifestos; an accidental poetry that re-constructs, re- engineers and rehearses possible futures.

A large-scale remnant of the cut-up process, the billboards and signs work against the fast-moving digital dialogues of the internet, media and advertising. As the hand-pasted signs appear in the urban landscape, a slow-moving narrative develops that invites the reader to imagine alternative ways to move through civic space.

Visit futureperfectbyelaws.com to submit your own new rules, using  cut-up words from the original text

Future Perfect was developed with the support of Fluid Festival in Calgary, The British Council and the Canada High Commission in the UK.