A Western

re-creating scenes from an imaginary western

With a cowboy hat and some ketchup we re-create scenes from an imaginary western in the space we find around us and with the people in the room- the audience cheat at cards, beg our hero to love them and then shoot him down. A street lamp becomes a tree, a bicycle becomes a horse, the road outside becomes the dirt track into the wild desert beyond.

A Western collides the immediacy and intimacy of live performance with the epic emotional experience of the cinematic blockbuster, a celebration of a failure to capture the true size and majesty of the Wild West. It is an experiment with the relationship between an audience and an event, a re-imagining of everyday landscapes we inhabit.

We want the scene where our Hero walks into a bar and everyone stops talking. We want the scene where the whore begs to be loved. We want the scene where our hero dies a long and drawn out death. We want to make A Western.

A Western was Action Hero’s first show and has toured throughout the UK and Europe, in North America, South America, South East Asia and Australia. It was funded by Arts Council England in its development and UK tour.