You Had To Be There – available to buy

we’ve made our You Had To Be There ‘director’s commentaries’ available for university/higher education libraries to buy on our website here. Its a collection of 11 videos celebrating 15 yrs of Action Hero’s practice available as an MP4 download and/or MP4 encoded DVD. Every project we’ve ever made is included. They’re for educational use only and come as a complete set. If you’re an artist, teacher or student and you’d like to buy an individual video/s rather than the full set then contact us at

Projects included are:

A Western
Watch Me Fall
Hoke’s Bluff
Slap Talk
Extraordinary Rendition
Natural Selection
From Ashes
Wrecking Ball

Oh Europa
Bits & Pieces- Other works

Whether you’re new to our work or were there right at the beginning (in your cowboy hat) these videos are a generous insight into a process and how to develop a creative practice