You Can Be My Wingman – Apply for our Artist’s retreat

Do you want to spend some ‘unproductive’ time on a retreat with us? Apply with an artist you want to hang out with by 2nd Dec The retreat is hosted by us, with mentor/guide Maiko Yamamoto, in Dartington Hall.

YOU CAN BE MY WINGMAN is a hosted retreat for artists. Produced by Action Hero, supported by Dartington Trust, and with mentoring from Canadian artist Maiko Yamamoto, You Can Be My Wingman will bring together mid-career performance makers to explore new collaborative processes in a supported, friendly and restful environment. The retreat will run from Saturday 15th February – Friday 21st February 2020. The retreat is aimed at facilitating new collaborations between artists who may know each others’ work and practice, but who have never worked together before. If you and another artist have always wanted to work together, or you’ve discussed a collaboration before but have never found the time, then You Can Be My Wingman is for you.

for details and how to apply click here