RadiOh Europa

Lots of people have been asking us over the last year what we’re going to do with all the love songs we’ve collected on our journey around Europe. They are all, of course, playing on the 42 beacons we’ve placed throughout the continent but we know some of you want to listen to them without having to travel to one of the beacons. Well now you can hear all of them everytime we broadcast our new project ‘RadiOh Europa’. We’ve already presented it in Leeds and Paris and soon it will be in London (live only), Rennes and Banska Bystrica in Slovakia. You can tune in online via our website during the times its broadcasting or you can come along in person and watch the live version. For each RadiOh Europa Gemma and I will broadcast live for the last 8 hours non-stop.

The next RadiOh Europa you can tune into is:

from RennesĀ  La Tombee de la Nuit Rennes, France from 5pm BST (6pm French time) on 6th June until 5pm BST 7th June

from 9am-5pm on 7th June Gemma and I will be taking you through the final 8 hours, adding our stories and some detail to the songs as they play.

put it in your diary! and keep an eye on the website or for further RadiOh Europa dates