Announcing Katherine Hall as our first fellowship recipient!

We’re really happy to announce that the recipient of our first Action Hero fellowship is Katherine Hall! Katherine is an artist based in Bristol, creating performance and dance. Her work involves exploring the interplay of movement and voice, and involves the bringing together of dance, visual art, space and sound.

Action Hero became an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation back in April last year, and one of our commitments when we received the funding was to pass on some of the money directly to an independent artist alongside support and mentoring. You can read what we wrote about receiving the funding here.

As one of only a handful of artist-led organisations in the National Portfolio we were really keen to recycle some of our funding success into the artist-led communities in which we operate. This new fellowship offers a way in which our NPO status can provide direct support to an independent artist within the structure of an artist-led, peer to peer relationship.

So, the fellowship takes the form of a year-long relationship between us and an artist with a £6000 cash award with no strings attached, mentoring and support tailored to the needs of the selected artist. We plan to do this every year that we’re an NPO.

Our focus is on supporting artists whose work doesn’t fit easily into current trends or support structures, and whose work we think is brilliant and exciting. We asked 12 artists, producers and curators to nominate an artist or collaboration for our fellowship, and we shortlisted 4. Our shortlist was All Good Artists Are Dead, Katherine Hall, MacAskill & Cade and Tom Cassani. We are super excited by all of these artists, and spent a looooooong time talking about them. It was a really great shortlist and we can really recommend keeping an eye on these artists if you don’t know them already.

In 2019 we are really excited to be working with Katherine. We think Katherine is a special artist and her work is singular, rigorous and generous. It will be a total pleasure and a privilege for us to work alongside her for the next 12 months.